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Beer In Summer



Beer In Summer

You can drink beer anywhere and anytime, but the combination is just as perfect as you could think of when it’s the summer months. The hotter it gets, the stronger the urge to crack open a cold beer. That one glass of cool and the first refreshing mouthful that evokes a perfect sunny day. The exciting thing about beers is that there is so much that you can enjoy with a glass of beer.

Beers and Summers

Besides water, beer can prove as the most important beverage in summers. Chilled beers help in keeping our core temperatures down. It also aids in the prevention of excess calcium deposits in the urinary tract. It also helps in flushing out stones in kidneys by producing more urines and by widening the urinary tracts. The water contents of the beer help us keeping hydrated as we lose lots of water from our body in summers through sweat and heat. The goodness of beers helps you keep refreshed and recharged.

Drink beer the healthy way in summers

Moderate drinking is good for everyone, and beer is good for moderate drinking. If you drink the beer in small quantities it can be beneficial.

  • Drink slowly and avoid drinking all in a short span of time, as it can raise the alcohol concentration of the body at one time.
  • Occasionally (once in a month or so) you could drink a unit or two more, but not exceeding a maximum of five units.
  • Always drink in moderation, between one to three units (500ml a unit) a day to the maximum.
  • Try always to maintain a consistent intake. Spread the consumption through the week, consuming a unit or two to three maximum in a day.
  • Never try to mix other drinks with beers. Beers are a complete drink in itself.

Beers and your health

Here are some surprising benefits of having a beer that might encourage you to have one:

  • Moderate consumption of beer can lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels. The alcohol in beers helps reduce the risks of heart attacks and possibly the risks of strokes also.
  • Beers are considered to be low-calorie options without any fat or cholesterol. Drinking beer regularly and moderately will balance your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios the right way.
  • People who drink beer regularly are less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Only when controlled and steady consumption.
  • The higher levels of silicon in beers build higher bone densities and thereby making our bones stronger.
  • Xanthohumol —a chemical found in beer can protect brain cells from oxidative damage.
  • it has been a studied and proven fact that people who drink moderate amount of beer are more likely to die later than those who don’t drink beers.
So that’s it, Drink beer. You'll live longer and be happier. You won't get fat. In fact, you may weigh less. Improve your health. Nimantran Restaurant has a wide range of beer collections for beer lovers. A perfect place for your loved once.