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Diet and Nutritional Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

Have the monsoon showers got you reaching out for that cup of garam chai and tasty crispy fried pakodas? Halt right there! Though the rain may bring you respite from the scorching heat, it also brings with it a series of infections and the occasional flu. It is important for us to take care and to make the most of the lovely weather. So before you plan your long drive to that cosy, obscure café that serves chai and snacks just the way you like them, read through this list of food items you should avoid in the rainy season. Experts are recommending to eat fruits so as to enjoy their freshness and utilise their nutritional value fully. Visit Nimantran restaurant for fresh and healthy food specially salad for happy monsson

Here are some foods to take care of while consuming them in monsoon season to stay healthy:

  • Leafy Vegetables

    It may seem counter intuitive because all our lives we have been instructed about the importance of eating leafy vegetables. However, in the monsoon, they are best avoided. They contain large amount of germs as grime amd dampness make them. Don’t eat vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflower this season. Instead, go for pungent vegetables like bitter gourd, ghiya, tori or tinda. Before consuming make sure all vegetables are thoroughly washed and cooked well.Nimantran restaurantserves fresh vegetable salad..

  • Fresh Juice and Fruit from Roadside Vendors

    Any fresh food items which have a long exposure to the monsoon air should be avoided. Usually roadside vendors have the fruits cut up well in advance, which could have come in contact with contaminated air. Always Stick to fresh fruit juice prepared at home and consume it instantly

  • Fried Food

    Yes, you read that right. Fried food is one of the food items you should always avoid this rainy season and science backs me up on this too. The highly humid monsoon weather affects our digestion process to slow down. Those pakodas, samosas and kachodi may seem, they could cause gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset. Don’t have extra salty food as it causes water retention.

    Following are some monsoon tips regarding to food :

    Pears are best suggestible. Avoid watermelon and muskmelons and also goosing on too many mangoes may cause pimples. Have medium to low salt food and avoid heavy salty food as they are responsible for high blood pressure and water retention. Eating watery foods like lassi, watermelon, rice, muskmelon creates swelling in the body. So, better opt for foods which are drying in nature like corn, gram flour, chick pea etc. Foods such as brown rice, oats, and barley are the best foods one could have in this monsoon. Body’s immunity can be increased by adding a dash of garlic to the soups, sir fries and curries you intake. Opt for yogurt, curd and almonds in your diet instead of milk. Drink only boiled and purified water to protect yourself from harmful germs and drinking plenty of waterkeeps your body hydrated.

    Follow these guidelines and have safe and healthy monsoons. Always binge on nutritional food and be hygienic by taking necessary precautionary measures like cleaning your house, washing hands before and after having a meal, etc. Have a safe and healthy monsoon.