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Seafood Restaurant in Pune



Seafood Restaurant in Pune

Nimantran is one of the best Restaurant in Pune specialized in sea food. All the sea food delicacies are freshly made and with authentic flavors. Each one of the dishes is cooked to perfection that you will always feel invited right back into the restaurant all over again even after your meal.

We have a platter of sea food and we assure that it will be an absolute treat for your taste buds. Our professional sous chefs have the expertise in creating world class sea foods. Nimantran has the best ambiance for people from all walks of life and it is perfect for anyone to enjoy the sea food platter served to them.

Our chefs also specialize in creating the best signature dishes which are finger licking good. In Pune, we are the best seafood Restaurant you can come across with and we assure you that your visit to our restaurant is worthwhile. The appetite for sea food has always surpassed the size of the coastline which India has and we know how much our people love to relish upon seafood.

At Nimantran we serve right from trout’s to shrimps at their best and we will never allow our customers to back down on stepping into a restaurant the next time. People who love seafood can simply walk into our Restaurant and without a second thought. We specialize in the serving the best of all the seafood platters you could have ever tried.

A platter filled with a variety of lobsters, prawns, crabs and coarse fish. Right from the influence of the Bengali cuisines to the Malvani techniques, we have it all here. We are glad to say that we are the best seafood Restaurant in Pune with our happy customers walking out of our space.

It is not just about the delicious seafood which we serve our customers. We have maintained a good and serene ambiance for our customers to make them feel comfortable and cozy in the presence of their family and friends. If you are planning to dine out in a seafood Restaurant, then this is a restaurant you should move towards Nimantran.