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Eat food at Family restaurant

Why should You eat your meal at family restaurant.?

Despite the many hassles of running a family-friendly restaurant, however, more restaurant operators continue to embrace this style, opening their doors to both adults and children.As one of the best restaurant in Pune is Nimantran Restaurant. Research by the National Restaurant Association revealed that nearly six out of 10 consumers say they consider a restaurant’s family or child friendliness when choosing where to dine. Clearly, the decision to entertain children or not requires careful consideration. For restaurant operators looking to build a family-friendly brand, however, certain strategies could help to ensure success.

These include:

  • Developing a healthy kid’s menu

    With the rising concerns about childhood obesity, a healthy kid's menu is a feature parents look for when choosing places to dine with their children. Parents are more concerned than ever about feeding junk food to their family. Therefore, the kids’ menu should not only be mouth-watering, it should contain a variety of healthy options.

  • Investing in equipment and devices for kids

    Kids can be restless while waiting for a meal. Providing games or devices they can play with while waiting for their orders keeps them engaged and can help to prevent meltdowns.

  • Training staff to serve young guests

    Dealing with kids does not come easily to everyone. Making sure your staff understands the right ways to respond to parents and their young ones ensures pleasant experiences and can boost customer loyalty.

  • Having dedicated family nights

    To avoid clashes between family diners and other guests, you can have dedicated family nights and also encourage families dining outside those hours to check in earlier.

Food safety is paramount

While allowing children in your restaurants could mean more business, it could double the food safety risk. Young children, especially those under the age of five, are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses. The FDA recommends that raw or undercooked protein foods or vegetables should not be served to susceptible groups. Extra care should be taken to ensure that meals served are not only healthy and nutritious, but also safe. It is also good practice to always get approval from a child’s parents before serving any meals ordered by the child. There are numerous family benefits from eating at family restaurant bt many people don’t realize that . Here are some of the many ways that your family can benefit from a delicious night at Nimantran Restaurant.


Many children struggle with being adventurous when it comes to dinner time. However, the best way to build their palate and help them try different foods fearlessly is taking them out to a restaurant environment. Even if your child wants to stick to simple chicken fingers or plain pasta, encourage them to try a bite of every dish at the table. This is a fun way to acclimate their palate to new tastes and still let them enjoy the food that they prefer. Nimantran serves you variety of food.


At home there are always many things going on at once and it’s hard to sit down and enjoy dinner together. Missing out on family dinner means missing out on tons of family benefits, so visit the Costas Inn to have uninterrupted and cell-phone free family time. If you have young kids who struggle to concentrate when surrounded by televisions, iPads, phones, pets, and whatever the other kids are doing, eating at a restaurant can help them focus on what is important—spending time together as a family. Nimantran restaurant is best place to visit with family. As it has classic ambience.


One of the biggest family benefits of eating at a restaurant is getting to spend time celebrating life’s big and little accomplishments. Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, or just a good grade on a test, spending time together as a family is a great way to reward your kids for their hard work. The Nimantran restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate all of life’s little moments together as a family!